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why natural angle?

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Since 1995, Nalan Emre, has worked with exhibition organisers and suppliers, helping to improve their processes.


With an innate passion for sustainability, Nalan's primary focus is on sustainable exhibiting. Her optimism and innovative thinking have helped make IMEX in Frankfurt and IMEX America two of our industry's most sustainable trade shows. 


Nalan is also a well-known sustainability speaker, educator and mentor within the events industry. As a keynote speaker and presenter, and through running workshops and attending panel discussions, she has inspired an increased demand for better choices.


This demand for increased sustainability has encouraged the events industry to create and provide better solutions. More and better options are now obtainable at increasingly affordable prices.


At Natural Angle, we know what is available and how to work towards getting what is not yet available. We know how to get the best results for your business. 

Outdoor Work Meeting

"Natural Angle ( was first created in 2006 to supply natural and ethically sourced building materials to the construction industry worldwide. In 2021 I expanded the family business with my own specialist knowledge. And so, Natural Angle Sustainable Living was born. Together, we encourage and educate our clients and customers to make more sustainable choices. 


As a family, we have also built our own net zero-carbon, sustainable home to Passive House Plus standards. We now share what we learned along the way with our clients and suppliers, improving construction practices for our planet and its people. 


Natural Angle Sustainable Living's Events division combines all of my experience and expertise to improve the future of the Events Industry. 


Sustainable practices happen through a simple shift in perspective. If we view life from a more natural angle, improvements can flow more readily."

Nalan Emre, Founder and Managing Director of Natural Angle Sustainable Living,

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